NZ Church Plant · Auckland

We're planting a church in the fastest growing area of one of the world's most diverse cities. We need your help. 

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Visit  to see our startup website for the new church.

Visit to see our startup website for the new church.


Church Northwest - Coming April 2019

The foundations have been laid and we’re ready to see God grow Church Northwest. We want to see a group of people that works together - one that is accessible to all people, regardless of their background or where they’ve been on their journey toward God.

Purpose Statement
Helping each other take our next step towards Jesus—a community defined by a growing faith, an authentic love for all people, and an active hope for Northwest Auckland and beyond.


  • Feb 24th: Shore Community Church to hear details about the new church. 

  • March 10th: Information Evening. Here we will share our vision, and ask people to pray about whether God is calling them to be involved in the church plant. 

    • Rest of March: Follow up with interested individuals and families to share more

  • April 7th: Opening Celebration. This is a gathering of everyone who wants to be involved. Here we will dedicate the new church to God, share more detail of our vision and values, and outline more of our plan and timeline.

  • April 28th: Monthly services begin

  • July 28th: Weekly Services begin

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83% Progress

As of November 2018

Northwest Auckland. 50,000 new homes. 13,000 new jobs.

Auckland's Northwest corridor is in the middle of massive growth due to overcrowding around the city. The project has become the largest scale development in New Zealand's history. The area will see at least 100,000 new residents in the years ahead! The harvest is ripe so we're planting a church right in the middle of it.


It takes a team.

To plant a sustainable church in New Zealand, you need a core group of committed church members from day one, but you'll also need some church planters. Two families with previous church planting experience have teamed again up to form the nucleus of what is already a growing church plant team. 


Hamish & Molly Taylor

Born and raised in New Zealand, Hamish grew up attending Shore Community Church in Auckland, one of our partner churches for this project. He studied at Cincinnati Christian University where he met his wife, Molly. They have three boys: Liam, Dillon, and Riley.


Nate & Whitney Hutchison

Residents of NZ since 2007, this family now calls New Zealand home. After planting a church in Christchurch with the Taylors, Nate and Whitney moved to Auckland to work with Shore CC and to prepare for the new church. They have three children: Lane, Henry, and Finn.


Leadership Team

Eldership // Trustees

Allan McGregor, Richard Pollock, Hamish Taylor, Nate Hutchison, more TBD

church staff

Hamish Taylor, Molly Taylor, Nate Hutchison


Better together.

Our partnering church, Shore Community Church sits just 15 minutes from Westgate, the location of our church plant. 

While the new church will be fully autonomous, we will have a close family-like connection to Shore CC. This will allow the new church leadership to cast a unique vision for reaching NW Auckland while reaping the benefits of partnering with a caring and nearby established church. Such benefits will include the establishment of an eldership, as well as some support including people and resources. We're thrilled to have family nearby!

Other Partners.

While we aren't technically affiliated with a church planting organisation, we have a long history and cooperative partnership with both New Missions Systems International (NMSI) and South Pacific Christian Fellowship (SPCF). Oversight and management of this project is being handled locally through Shore Community Church and the leadership team we are forming with their help.


Even faraway islands will look to me and take hope in my saving power.

-Isaiah 51:5